When Does It Become Drug Abuse?

Overhead doors was a concept that came straight from the genius mind of Ruby Dimopovic, a Croatian immigrant who, like everyone in third world countries, dreamed of finding an empty niche and filling it. After years of thought and research into everyday life, she finally experienced the a-ha moment she was looking for. She found a niche that nobody was in. Actually, when people say that ‘nobody’ is in something, it’s a figure of speech, but Ruby literally found a niche with nobody in it. Overhead doors!

This is the number one thing that happens to all marijuana users. They get very easily irritated with things that are not all that annoying to begin with. I mean, sometimes it might happen that you ask them a question and they’ll flip out at you. Why?

Does this happen with marijuana use? Yes it does. Most people who try marijuana get high a few times and then move on with their lives. The same is true of the millions of people who try alcohol and get drunk for the first time. It is just another experience for them and they move on and don’t really think much of it.

What are the ethical implications of this test? Another potential minefield here, but one you need to think about. Some of the most popular home test kits on the market are for illegal or illicit drug testing. You can now buy home drug tests for marijuana, cocaine, meth, heroin and other opiates. There are even tests for legal substances such as alcohol, nicotine (tobacco) and caffeine.

A couple of years ago, out of the blue, Laura called to tell me that Phil had lung cancer. She was worried about him, he was taking chemotherapy and not doing well. Her words and predictions about his health were dire. But Phil hung in there – two years of radiation and chemotherapy, mail order marijuana and part time jobs.

Possibly the weirdest marijuana withdrawal symptom is insomnia, changed sleeping patterns and dreaming. I have noticed that whenever I first quit smoking marijuana my insomnia is pretty severe. I often found that it took hours and hours for me to fall asleep, and then I would simply wake up within a few hours anyway. Unfortunately, I had to make do with as little as 3-4 hours sleep a night when I first gave up pot.

People relapse every day. People who no longer want to use still relapse. People who are well intended still relapse. People who swore to themselves and their loved ones that they were quitting, still relapse. Why? Relapse happens so much it is often expected. This is because the cravings to use are so strong. This is because of your addicted brain. But there are solutions.

Replace marijuana with something that will give you a sense of fulfillment. Satisfaction with what you are doing can give you the impetus to do more .Thus your mind gradually drifts away from marijuana. Moreover, there is a unique way of rendering you total happiness. Just jot down your happy moments in life. Go back in time and pen down the moments you are proud of. Live in those happy moments and that will inspire you to add a few more happy times to your present life.

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