What Is It With Wood Decks?

Have you ever got bored with your backyard or garden and thought about transforming it? Of course there are many things to consider, for instance, how big is it? What is your budget? Are there children to consider? Do you need backyard landscaping or something less dramatic?

Learn about plant growth. Some plants prefer tight quarters and others prefer large quarters for their spreading root systems. Choose a flower pot that suits this growth. Find out if the plant needs direct or filtered sunlight. Your local flower shop or nursery can advise you on the best pot for your plant.

You’ve probably already identified which group you fall into. Perhaps you can relate to all three. Either way you’re probably considering creating an outdoor seating area using pool decking and the good news is that it’s not loo late to get it ready for the summer.

Put it together right! Use screws for the decking and nuts and bolts at all the joints. Think of the ramp as a bridge for a wheelchair and build it as such. Don’t just nail it together.

A wooden hammock stand has to be extremely strong while still looking elegant, as it has to support the full weight of the person using it. One of the best types of stands on the market now are known as arc stands. They are frequently made from Cypress wood. This type of wood is a yellowish colored wood. A simple coat of water repellent varnish or lacquer each year will help to preserve the wood’s natural beauty. If left untreated, this type of wood will stay strong for many years, but will lighten in color and eventually turn gray.

Apart from being susceptible from the elements, wood decking is also prone to damage caused by fungi rot. When exposed to air, wood retains moisture. And that is what fungi spores want: an environment with moisture. In time, fungus growth will cause the wood to rot.

Watch out when you are fixing the roof of your masterpiece. Ask another person to secure the ladder for you so that you do not have to worry when climbing it.

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