The Hard Drive Has Crashed! What Happened Exactly? Can Data Be Recovered?

Every good IT department knows that a business needs a plan for data backup. There’s simply too much that can go wrong to risk putting a customer or employee’s data on a single company hard drive. If the drive fails, the data’s gone, and data recovery costs are extremely high. However, different companies need different backup strategies. Otherwise, a method of backup may be inefficient or insufficient.

Obviously, if a file is deleted and is not written by further data, then the file has actually been there. However, the operating system “pretend” they do not realize it. When you run a odzyskiwanie danych software, it scans your memory cards or hard disk and accesses all data, which is not visible to your operating system.

You have lot of sensitive personal data on your PC, like photos, word documents, journals and address books. It would be a very hard time if you lose your data. That is why there are a number of online backup facilities available in the market. For example Diino from Chastor provides free 2 GB space where anyone can sign up for a free account and store your files online. In case if your computer crashes you can recover them from your online backup. It not only acts as a backup system, but also as a remote data storage. Say that you are on a vacation and need to access your files, you can always login into your local internet cafe, login into your account and download them.

Fill the box with heavy foam padding, bubble wrap or other materials that will prevent the drive from shifting during transport. Don’t use Styrofoam peanuts since they can attract static electricity.

If the system finds that there is a damaged or faulty hard drive, DO NOT ATTEMPT to reconfigure the RAID even if the system prompts you to do so at any time. Use your own judgement when it comes to handling the system. Once platters are damaged, striping overwritten or changed completely, the chances of getting your data back are slim. Keeping that in mind, try not to reconfigure the system at all. Leave it as it is, and try to sort out the problem through a different route.

If you are able to browse through the ways in Windows, you can recover all your damaged data easily and quickly. Do you know you can save huge bucks in data recovering by this method? The only requirement is that you should not have any hardware issue affecting the functioning of your drive. In case there is nothing of this sort, you do not require the computer support plans and pricing offered by the reputed companies.

Stellar Phoenix Wipe is a simple-to-use, yet effective tool for performing hard drive wipe operation. Compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000, this drive wipe tool can perform upto 35 passes and ensures that there is no data in any sector of the hard disk drive.

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