Stress Relief – Can It Happen For You?

Meditation has transformed my life. I know that’s a pretty weighty claim. And it’s the truth. My regular meditation practice has had THE most positive and profound impact on my life and my personal wellbeing. And I do a lot of work on myself, through many modalities. Yet, over and over again, I am blown away by the significant benefits of such a simple practice. I know, it seems too easy and yet at the same time so very difficult, if not impossible. We are too busy. What mom has time to meditate? If you ask me, what mom doesn’t?

Seven years earlier while I was at Esalen in Stan Grof’s “Transpersonal Psychology” workshop doing certain breaths I felt my ajna center as a concentrated point — an actual place. I did a painting and by focusing on the painting I felt “ajna” more and actually put a dot on the forehead of a character in my painting (Silly Sy Ben) where the people from India put a spiritual symbol on their forehead. Now I have found out that concentration is a prelude to meditation. And in deed one definition of meditation is focused concentration. But I find that and all definitions lack. Your practice and experience is what matters.

Watch your words! It’s surprising buddhist meditation baltimore how many negative statements we can make in a day. And the things we say can soon become reality for us if we repeat them often enough. One exercise I find helpful is to watch what you say on the phone. Sometimes, when there’s someone at the other end moaning about something, we often just tend to agree without even realising that we’re doing it. Or maybe you have a friend who’s a bit of a moaner and you just say ‘Yes, yes’ to save yourself the bother of thinking up a reply. If you catch yourself doing this, try and see if there’s another way to put things in a more positive light.

In meditation, as awareness grows, mental balance is restored. Progressively, stress gives way to “a world of peace and ease.” But how can you be sure it will work for you? The answer here may surprise you.

If possible, join a meditation group. Meditation is much more fun in a group and you’ll find that others are finding the same learning curve as you are. Groups generate their own energy – the sum of the whole truly is greater than the sum of the parts. Joining a group can widen your circle of friends and can be a booster to your confidence. Depending on the group’s aim, you may also learn about different meditation techniques as the group progresses.

Select a quiet, comfortable place. The spot should not be too cold or too hot, nor too dark or bright. Place a cushion on the carpet or a blanket. You can keep it on the floor or on a thin pad.

By engaging in Dahn yoga exercises including the meditation exercises by the groups, you will be able to combine the discipline of meditation with fun.

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