Natural Remedies For Acne You Can Use At Home

Do you have any idea on what tea tree oil is? I know you do, but I do not think you know this. Tea tree oil, also known as Melaleuca Oil is a very effective stuff, and it has so many uses and benefits which I understand is not known to you. Ha! I got you there, right? This is very effective and has essential oils and other constituents.

Tea tree oil-It is an essential oil for nail fungus and is obtained by steam distillation of tea tree’s leaves. Tea tree, another name of Melaleuca Alternifolia belongs to the species of plants in the myrtle family called Myrtaceae. This tree generally grows in shrub lands along edges of waterways. Tea tree or paper bark tea tree is generally found in the shape of a small to medium size plant. This tree is commonly found in Papua New Guinea, Caledonia and eastern Australia. It grows to a height of 20 meters with its trunk coated by a white-brown and thin bark. Leaves of this tree are normally broad.

You will probably have read that tea tree oil cistite makes an effective cure for diaper rash. It does, but that is not the only thing it is useful for when it comes to nappies. If you use cloth diapers you will probably store the soiled cloths until you have sufficient for a washing load. Adding a few drops of this oil to the pail will help to disinfect the nappies and prevent the spread of infection.

Therefore a holistic approach to treatment will work best. Using essential oils is one step but you should address your diet as well. Increasing the quantity of salmon and other natural sources of fatty acids is a good place to start. Increase the amount of water you drink as well as fruit and vegetables. But be careful with citrus fruits as they may trigger an outbreak. It is helpful if you can determine the factors that cause your skin problem to worsen. Some people find that cutting down or out on eating wheat, eggs and dairy products can help reduce their eczema. Stress, too little rest and the cold may all contribute. Also protect your skin from any chemicals you use when cleaning your home as they may be setting off the whole reaction.

Thrush is the direct result of an overgrowth of yeast in the body. It mostly causes sores on your tongue and the around the insides of your mouth and results in bad breath when not handled effectively.

If you use benzoyl peroxide, you will have to keep using it to treat new pimples in new places on your face. If you use tea tree oil, you can get rid of pimples for good.

Bug Repellent: Bugs seem to dislike tea tree oil. The oil can be used to deter ants, roaches and other pests. Put a few drops of the oil where the pests are coming from. You can also wipe pantries and cupboards with a mixture of water and tea tree oil and this will make the bugs leave. Rubbing the mattress with it will help deter dust mites. A few drops of oil added directly into a vacuum cleaner bag or canister will help kill dust mites often found in carpeting.

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