Important Dirt Bike Equipment

Having just completed another London to Paris ride, 300 miles over 4 days I noticed that many people spend lots of money on a bike and a variety of accessories, however, one area that lots of people seem to neglect is training.

Lastly, before I get started, if you are on a budget then do not get a four-stroke motocross……. I repeat, DO NOT buy a four-stroke. Although they are easier to ride faster and have many advantages over two-strokes, you don’t want to get one and have to put 2k into it because it ran out of oil or dropped a valve. You’ll be right back where you started. If you really want to stay on a budget then start out with a two-stroke, trust me.

Balance bikes come in either wood or metal. The bikes made from wood are more popular in Europe than the U.S. and are perceived by kids as “toys.” That can be good as it encourages experimentation and reduces fear for some children. For durability, the metal bikes are a better option. The bikes are manufactured using either steel or aluminum alloys and vary in weight. Steel frame bikes tend to be heavier and sturdier and will support more weight. The aluminum bikes are lightweight, but generally won’t support children weighing more than 65 lbs. For very young riders in the 18 month to 2-year range, the lighter the bike the better. For older children, consider the weight limit.

Once you find a relatively nice bike, the first thing you should do is try and work the person down on his/her price. Remember, patience is key. In most cases, the longer you wait on buying a bike, the more willing the owner will be to go down on their price. Whatever you do, do not let emotions get in the way. I know this may sound dumb when talking about buying a bike, but I know of many people that were too anxious when looking for bikes that they e bike bought the first one they looked at or didn’t wait for the seller to go down on their price. Do not be discouraged if the first bike or two is not in your budget or is too beat up. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY IT! Just walk away if the owner is being less than honest or if he/she won’t budge on their price (unless of course it’s already a steal).

A good bike stand is lightweight so that you can easily move it around. You should be able to bring it with you wherever you want to go with your bike. This way, you don’t have to keep looking on something that you can lean your bike against. Instead, you can have a bicycle stand that allows you to park almost anywhere possible even when you are not at home. This would also prevent your bike from falling, which is bound to happen often when you don’t have a bike stand.

So I did a bit of research on what rollers were, and to be honest, they looked quite simple really. There are different types available but they all do the same thing. The unit comes with 3 drums (usually pvc or aluminum), two of which your back tire sits between and then the third which is used to drive your front wheel. The rear drums (i.e. rollers) are attached to the front one via some type of belt.

So, if it’s time for a new bike, but you can’t afford the bike of your dreams, if you’re patient and do your homework, you may just be able to find your dream bike for a fraction of what it cost new. Take your time, check a used bike over carefully and if it looks good, take the plunge and potentially save yourself hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

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