How To Make And Care For A Carnivorous Terrarium

It’s an undeniable fact that leopard geckos make great pets. They don’t require a lot of space, they don’t shed, they are low maintenance as far as reptiles go, and they are friendly.

To me, juvenile beardies are among the most adorable creatures on the planet. A ten gallon aquarium or Terrarium is able to house up to two or three juveniles comfortably. You will need to provide a bowl of food (you can find bearded dragon food at your local pet store or online) and a few branches as well as rocks for them to beek on. As with all other creatures they will grow and will need a great deal more space than the juveniles. The adult dragon will require no less than 40 gallons of space and even this size of Terrarium workshop is considered cramped. If you own more than one adult dragon the required terrarium size will increased significantly.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I have two terrariums with the males and females separated. The terrariums are together on my dining room window sill. In each terrarium there is a small wood log that leans up against the corner of the glass opposite the other terrarium. Zyrtek and Gigi have developed an afternoon romance where they will sit on the top of the log staring at each other. At time Zytek will do his romantic thing and show his pink dewap (a flap that protrudes from his throat.) The funny thing is that when they hear me walk into the room or look into their cages, Gigi will act like I caught her doing something wrong and turn away from Zyrtek. It’s hilarious. Even when I come home and they hear me walk in I can see them move or go hide in the leaves. Silly lizards, but yet they’re smart.

6)Never use your lizard to frighten anyone! Strange as it may sound, some people are afraid of reptiles, and that kind of fear has led to many laws and regulations being passed that make owning reptiles in some places difficult. It is much better for the lizards and the rest of us keepers if you use your lizard to help teach other people Terrarium workshop how wonderful they really are!

Feed your frog suitably. These frogs love to eat crickets therefore, you must buy maximum small-sized crickets and house them in a cricket keeper until you feed them to your red eyed tree frog. Don’t be frightened with the idea of feeding your frog with crickets, as most people have problems picking them up. You can use tweezers, Popsicle sticks and other things to pick up crickets.

Remember the full-grown size of a lizard and this leopard gecko can grow up to six feet long. Do you want a pet of such a size? You have to think about this first before actually buying the pet.

If you buy a pet you have made a commitment to take care of it and its life depends on you. Bearded dragon care is no different. Make sure you are ready for the commitment.

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