How To Find Good Ideas For Fundraising Activities

Corporate team building events are sometimes recreational and sometimes educative, that’s when they are categorized as training. Companies conduct both the events very often to improve team bonding. After all, won’t the world be a much better place if people got along well and things happened smoothly? Whatever the methodology, keep in mind a few things to get the maximum out of the event.

We put a lot of value in keeping our family scrapbooks. We had a separate scrapbook for each child and one for the family (we also had a scrapbook that was reserved for our family history: genealogy research). This may seem like “over kill” to some, but now that our children are grown, those scrapbooks are priceless to them. As each child left home, they took their individual scrapbook with them. We kept the “family” scrapbook and it stays on our living room coffee table as a proud reminder of our children’s lives from birth to present. We are still adding pages: GRANDCHILDREN!

The activity-packed forest at Coed y Brenin has won numerous awards, and world-class racers regularly train here. You can bring your own bike or hire one on-site; once you’re on your bike follow the colour coded trails through the forest until you’re ready to return to the lodge for refreshment surrounded by absolutely stunning views.

Office gathering: There are some great ways to get to know one another in the board room. From mock procedures to learning about each other. Asking question about the way the company is run, and what changes can be made, is also a great way to find out what the team thinks, as well as create a closer bond. These Team Building Singapore can last from a few hours to a day.

Bandits: Form troops of three or more members. Disguise one person as a bandit for each troop. Each troop gets a description of the bandit, and a map of the terrain. All troops have to assemble at a predetermined place at the end of the time specified, say after two hours. Within this time they have to capture the bandit. There will be as many bandits as there are troops, so each troop has to use the description of their bandit and capture the right person. This game requires group planning and Team building activities decision making.

Now, I line up the teams in the area we are to use, sit them down and explain the rules of the first activity. I also stress the safety rules. Students who disobey these safety rules disqualify their team. Next, I use one team to demonstrate the activity. This is followed by a practice run with all teams competing before the ‘real thing’ begins.

As my boss and I watched others play, he bragged about how much he loved the game and that he’d played it a lot. That’s when I decided to take a wild shot at getting him to approve my needed expanded head count. I threw out my challenge. He accepted, and the race was on. I won by driving him into the wall and I got my extra sales people.

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