Health Benefits Of Meditation

If you have then you have already meditated in a sense. Meditation is the practice of experiencing this very thing. It is a wide open embrace of good moods, emotions and the current of your being.

Changing yourself means changing your perception level and understanding level, your perception towards yourself, your life, death and god. You will have higher understanding towards all situations and so called problems in your life. Result would be you will not suffer anymore in the same situation you will be blissful with high energy level and your growth will happen.

meditation baltimore benefits our minds as well. It teaches us to better control our thoughts. This gives us the ability to quiet those nagging negative thoughts we may have from time to time.

It can support your meditation practice greatly to create a place that offers you inspiration, calm and peace the moment you enter it for meditation. You can dedicate a room to this purpose or a nice corner somewhere in your house. The more simple the decorations are the more it invites a feeling of calm and peace. Bring something to this space that gives you inspiration to go within. It can be a beautiful picture of nature, a picture of a saint or a master, anything that reminds you of the love and truth you are cherishing.

My fourth recommendation is this, be creative. Meditation does not have to be in the stereotypical lotus position, eyes closed, and mantra humming style. If it works, fantastic, but if it doesn’t don’t beat yourself up. I feel meditation is whatever brings you to higher states of awareness and promotes general well being. Take drawing or art for example, that state one achieves where ideas seem to flow freely from mind to paper could be described as active meditation. Another example is meditating on nature. Sit outside one day and just focus on your environment, notice every minute detail, but don’t analyze it, just perceive it as best you can through all your senses. Again do not get caught up in the whys and hows of meditation, instead find your own way.

Make sure it is always clean and fresh, and free from clutter or distraction. Outside in the open is where I always like and try to be, sitting with my back against a tree I find is a great place to meditate. But in actual fact any place work’s well as long as you are alone, quiet and at peace.

If you want to attain self realization then awakening this bliss is most important. And the most effective way to awaken this bliss is by receiving it from someone who has already attained self realization and radiates bliss. Simply by sitting with such a master, this bliss which is also called Shakti, Deeksha or Grace is awakened in you and deep states of meditation become effortless.

Is there a method to this? If there is, I’m sorry to say that I haven’t figured it out yet. For me, the act of creative meditation just is. When we learn to quiet the mind, when we learn to be aware of exactly what our craft is and what it means to us, the act of meditation takes over. What we don’t seem to realize is that throughout the time of practicing our craft this form of meditation is going on around us at all times. It’s when we realize how quiet the mind is while doing our craft, how aware we are of what we do next, that we’ve achieved nirvana in a way we never quite expected.

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