Giving Back To Mother Earth Through Your Guests – Eco-Friendly Wedding Favor Ideas

Whether you’ve just moved out of your parents’ home and you really don’t have much, or you and your spouse just purchased your first home – bare as it is – and need things, you can get by for the moment. If you don’t have furniture, wall decor, rugs and traditional things don’t sweat it! There are many things you can make to get you started. Later, when you have the funds, you can begin adding piece after piece until your place is well-furnished.

Instead of making a magnet create something totally different with your straw hat turtle. Fill the open area of the hat with dry herbal incense, glue on a piece of lace, then attach a miniature clothes pin. The clothes pin allows you to hang the turtle on curtain tie-backs, certain lampshades, and more. You can also just use the turtle as it is to set it in plant and flower pots.

You can add rosemary to meat dishes and potatoes to add flavor. You can mix rosemary right into your hamburger meat before you make the hamburger meat into patties. Add rosemary to the top of a roast before you cook the roast and the flavor of the rosemary will cook into the meat. My favorite way to use rosemary is to put it on top of a buffalo steak and as you cook the steak the rosemary adds flavor to the steak. You can cook rosemary with onions as you cook the onions. Or sprinkle the rosemary onto a baked potato to add the delightful taste of rosemary to your potatoes.

Enlist the Ottoman: Turn a large ottoman into a new coffee table. Place a handsome, sturdy tray on top and add a coffee table book and a small decorative dish. This technique works especially well for freshening up family rooms and is safe for little ones just learning to walk (no sharp corners!).

The first thing you should do when preparing your guest room for Christmas guests is to take a good look at your guest bedroom. Many times guest rooms get used for storage and get neglected. Try to clear away any access Herbal Potpourri stuff to a garage or attic. Excess clutter can make a person unable to relax and unwind. This room should be a retreat to your guests.

Make a footstool by gathering some juice cans together. Place one in the center, then surround that one with more cans, then secure them with string, tape or even glue dots. Make sure the juice cans you use are the large type or you’ll have a very small footstool. Place a round pillow, piece of foam, or old folded sheet on top of the cans. Cover the whole thing with a piece of cloth or portion of a sheet. Tie a ribbon, cord or piece of yarn around the footstool to hold the pillow in place. Tie in a bow or knot and cut off excess cord or ribbon. If you want, you can cut a piece of cardboard or foam to glue to the bottom.

The opening premier of Potpourri will occur on October 6 at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis. Don’t miss out on this exciting experience and miss out on supporting the local film talent! Don’t forget to check out the trailer for the in-depth look on the “experimental horror-comedy”.

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