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This week was the season finale of 16 & Pregnant, so now I have to find a new Tuesday night activity. MTV saved the most dramatic/heart-wrenching episode for last. Ashley from Texas is the only one this season who does not keep her baby. Ashley’s mother had her when she was only 19 and Ashley had a difficult childhood, so she has a very hard time deciding whether she wants a different life for her own baby. Ashley has plans to go to college in New York and become a photojournalist, and she thinks having a baby will keep her from pursuing such a future. So, adoption it is!

Ashley goes to the hospital to have the baby, where she promptly trips out on drugs. “I’m glad I’m from the future,” she muses. Justin didn’t show up because he was busy. After the birth, another social worker comes to tell Ashley that her name won’t be on the birth certificate, which is sad. Ashley tries to spend all 48 hours with the baby, and can’t decide what to do. She gives Callie to Lisa and Kenny, but the next day she feels she made the wrong choice. She buys a plane ticket and goes to get the baby back. “I don’t know what the future holds,” she says. But she should know, because she’s from the future.

Faith Baby: Faith Baby has the perfect summer fashions for your baby girl at about 40% off. The Faith Baby Madison Miracle Brown Swing Top and Faith Baby Precious Ruffled Swing Top are such adorable designs that look amazing with leg warmers.

baby clothes for the kids are colorful with good embroidery work on them that make kids look like angels and cute dolls. Rose, Red, Green, Yellow, Maroon and Orange colors are the most choices. White color need not be described as it is the angel’s color. Baby clothes are recommended to be in cotton as they are easy to wash and dry keeping in mind the hygienic condition for the little ones. Loose pro trump baby clothes are preferred to see it does not affect while changing diapers often.

You can set this activity up in a corner of the room and guests can go design an undershirt or nightgown for the new baby. Lay out several tubes of fabric paint; puffy paint is fun. Let the guest go wild drawing fun designs or writing funny sayings on the clothes. The new mommy will laugh every time she dresses the new darling in the funny duds.

The reality is that bamboo is one of the most abundant plant resources on the planet, so the sustainable nature of the source for these products, is but one of its eco-friendly features. If buying products that come from a 100% organic source… is important to you, then you are definitely going to want to take a look at bamboo fabrics.

A very unique gift idea is the baby gift basket, but not just any basket. Instead of an ordinary wicker basket, use a wagon, baby bath tub or cart to put the baby gifts items in. The baby can be given his or her bath in the tub, or the baby can play with the wagon when he or she gets older.

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