10 Reasons Why Graphic T-Shirts Are The New Art Form

As the name, evidently suggests, graphic T-Shirts are those whose design is markedly enhanced by the use of graphics. It was the emergence of skilled graphic designers that saw graphics being used in T-Shirt designs. It was an artistic revolution that changed the face of T-shirt designing.

BE SILLY. Design a graphic tee that will put a smile on everyone’s face. A bunch of fingers on a hand visit their injured partner the thumb, a bear watching TV in the middle of the forest, telling stupid raisins to stay out of your cookies, and two lemons helping another lemon cut in half, carrying him on a stretcher… (lemon aid). Silly graphic t-shirts get messages across easily and effectively, often without offending, which is a good quality to have. It is all too easy to make offensive graphic t-shirts.

Content is what it comes right down to. People are not generally looking for “cool” unless “cool” is the actual message of the site. Consider graphics that enhance the message of your site and the interface of your site.

Now, once you have mastered the basic elements of it, you need the time for you to practice and practice. This is the only way you will get better in making Vectorency. Do not be afraid to experiment. Try out different colors that can work together along with the different lines and textures you can put. You can also play with light values on the photo until you discover the other things that you can do to improve a design. Experimentation will allow you to learn as a graphic designer.

OChoose the best quality of wall graphics. Best design plus good quality of paper used will make your printed material lasting. You should not just be after the design, also consider choosing quality printed material is indeed more practical since you do not have to buy another graphic material for your wall.

It is always a good idea to consider the actual point in using graphics in our website designs. Why am I using this graphic? What purpose does this graphic serve? How does this graphic serve the visitor? Where is an appropriate place for this or that graphic? Those are some questions we really need to be asking ourselves when we design our website.

GO RETRO. Take it back in time with a graphic tee design that reminds people of another epoch. Right now, the 80’s are hot. Until recently, it was the 70’s. What does this mean? Plenty of overuse of multiple color schemes meant to bring out lettering, 3-D effects, rock star band t-shirt designs, and Madonna. American Eagle has been using a lot of retro-looking designs in its shirts, using distressed screens to print some of them so that they have an old look. Their designs are getting old though, now that graphic t-shirts are cooler when they look like they’re from the 80’s.

All in all, this article proves that it is much simpler to outsource the graphic design for your website than what others may lead you to believe. If you are willing to do things properly and ensure that you and your designer work well together, then you will see good results for the money that you have wisely invested.

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