Used Cars Sales Tactics Revealed

You need to understand that 9 times out of 10 times the salesperson is not really out to help you save money as he/she says they are. The more money you save is less money they make for their dealership and less they make on Friday’s check. Which is ok, it is their job, but you can help yourself with a little information obtained before you start negotiating on that next used car.

We are talking about, Buyers Remorse, you may have experienced it firsthand at one time or another. Don’t allow this subject to be the elephant in the room. You are ready to close your closing the sale, the criteria has been met and the client is ready now.

Don’t Plead – However much you feel like beaten up pulp inside , you have to project confidence and strength. Pleading will make you very unattractive and very hard to answer to. How do you expect your ex to answer or return your calls when this is what you are saying to them: “Oh honey please! Please answer your phone or call me back. I’ve been calling you for 3 days now. I’m so worried.” Get my point?

Salespeople know what the smart customers are doing and how they are benefiting using your company and they also know what the dumb ones are doing and can tell your prospects how to avoid it! What we are doing here is taking your valuable knowledge, info you have spent years to gain, and turning it into money.

In the past couple of years, I have been blessed to see some of the most successful business men and women in the world. I have sat for hours as they speak about how they struggled to overcome their own struggles with their money goals and finance goals. I have listened to speakers who slept on the streets, slept in train stations etc… to conquer their money goals and finally learn how to set life goals! I have seen the pain in their eyes and the emotional attachment that this period still has with them.

Ah! Here is the answer. If they are persistent and won’t go away Step One is to say “it’s time to get these hidden annoyances and bring them to light.

Sifting through the resumes is a time consuming process, but first look them over for grammatical errors and the candidates objective if hired. There should be no grammatical errors, if there are errors then they do not take your company serious enough. The objective stated should match with your company’s culture and what you want out of an employee.

Inadequate follow up: To succeed in your sales campaign efforts,you have to properly follow up on your prospects. This singular factor has resulted in people’s failure in their sales endeavor. When proper follow up is not done on prospects, chances are that the competition would win them before you realize it. Always keep it in mind that your competition is always close by. I remember interacting with a former colleague’s prospect, his first comment was ” so and so (he mentions the colleagues name) is not serious. He made this comment because the person trying to get his business failed to follow up properly. Such prospects tend to take their business to the competition.

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