Questions To Ask Your Hair Loss Doctor After Hair Transplant

Can you name the best hair loss shampoo? Perhaps not. Since there are around a thousand in the market. Some are commercial, other organic. All claim that they are the best. And that they will save you from embarrassment and ridicule. But are you getting real results?

There is not a cure for baldness at this time. You see, balding happens because of a lack of DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It is extremely common in older males but is becoming more and more common in younger males. Your genetics play the biggest part in deciding when you are going to be affected by a lack of DHT. Because the problem lays in your genetics, a simple cure is very hard to come up with.

For many years, Trasplante de pelo turquia surgery has been offered to balding men. The results at first were not very natural-looking, but as the years have gone by, you can’t even tell most men apart from those who have not had the surgery. The downside? It’s painful- and it’s NOT getting any cheaper.

Now, there is a need to look back for the reasons of baldness and find the perfect hair fall solution. It is a necessary step towards restoring the loosing glory of woman’s overall appearance. This is generally famous that locks help to make a woman look gorgeous and bad hair cut demolishes the building of good looks. Among the various reason available for hair fall problem, stress and depression are the most common ones. One thing should be noted in this concern that women have to deal with tough situations in life more than men.

Now the reader would think if shedding of hairs is a natural process and fallen hairs grow back after sometime then what actually causes complete hair fall or baldness? As far as women are concerned there is rarely any such concept but for men it is very common. In simple words when the hairs which regularly fall do not somehow regrow or do not grow to perfection, it results in their thinning and eventually complete hair fall in some time.

The first step for any man suffering from male pattern baldness is to usually get himself a prescription for Propecia, the hair loss drug made by the drug company Merck. But this does not work for everyone and most people do not see any regrowth of hair. Also Propecia’s long term effects on the body are also unknown.

Once a certain area in the scalp becomes hair less, one always anticipates hairs to grow back in the very region. Unfortunately, this is not always the case particularly for men unless the hair loss has resulted out of a major disease treatment such as cancer. The only way that can support hair regrowth or what can be termed as new hair growth is hair transplant surgery. As this process involves surgery so there are many who are quite reluctant going for it.

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