Looking For A Unique Engagement Ring? Some Pointers To Help Your Search

When a diamond is mined, it does not come out sparkly and shiny, nor is it in a round or square shape. A mined diamond is called a rough, and is usually just that, rough looking and somewhat egg-shaped. It goes through several steps in the cutting and finishing process before it is ready to be set in a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Understanding characteristics of a diamond is fairly simple and straightforward. Basically, there are four important considerations when buying this gemstone: the Cut, Color, Clarity and the Carat. And yes, there is one factor that is more important than the others. Here’s a quick review of the 4 c’s.

The last factor to consider is the carat weight. Many people mistakenly think bigger must mean better and therefore place a lot of importance on the weight factor. Weight while important is not everything. However the carat weight together with the cut, clarity and color is what will determine the worth of a diamond.

Don’t we all know how easy it is to exceed the budget while shopping for anything. 對戒 shopping is no different, and here there is also the added pressure of getting a very expensive ring to show how much you love someone. But remember that the price tag in no way represents the love you have in your heart. Do not succumb to external pressures as you firmly decide on the budget that you can afford. Buy the high end diamond ring within your budget. Spend the amount that you are comfortable spending. Of course, if you want the rarest, most precious and most expensive, by all means go for it. The key to deciding on the budget is how much you can afford to spend.

That being said, other factors, including cut, clarity, and color can also have a major impact on prices. Here are some figures that should give you a rough idea as to what you should expect in terms of prices per carat.

This is the point where you roll up your sleeves and get down to it. Generally speaking, the more the twinkle, the more the jingle. However, you don’t want a diamond with a big old bugger right dead in the top center of it. Inclusions are a necessary part of it. You just want the one where the inclusions are just not painfully obvious to the naked eye or that detract from the natural beauty of the diamond. Unless you are set on a diamond that is flawless and colorless in which case, make sure you bring your platinum card, the one that won’t catch fire when they run it.

One more thing which you must look for when shopping for quality diamond jewelery is a reputed jewelery store. They will tell you more about 4C’S of diamond and will show you the variety of settings and will also help you in making your decision so that you are comfortable with your purchase.

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