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Travel writing is a fun “niche” writing market. Of course, within travel writing there are many “niche travel markets.” Are you doing all that you can to market your travel writing? If you’re not, then find out how you can better position yourself and your travel writing.

The E travel blog is dedicated to more of a city tourist. You can find the secret bars and restaurants that only dedicated travelers know about. Do you need a hostel in Amsterdam? This is the site. They’ve traveled to Germany during Oktoberfest and have spent the holidays in New York City. They have a page dedicated to cheap flights and categories for any part of the world. You can waste a whole afternoon imagining your travels to Rio, Spain, Iceland, New York, London, and Berlin. They also have a page dedicated tour touristy tours that are given in major cities. My favorite posting on the site was the visitation to Iceland. Have you ever wondered why Iceland is green and Greenland is Ice?

People love podcasts because they can take them everywhere. It’s great for marketing and building relationships with your visitors. Podcasts have unlimited potential!

Be informative – Offer information that is for the reader’s benefit. If you are writing a health blog, use well constructed arguments and link to certified articles that support your view. Informative blogs are beneficial to your reader.

Many organizations spends a lot of money on advertising. But, you don’t have to follow in their footsteps! Blogs, podcasts, and social networking sites are free. Take advantage of the opportunity before you and start advertising your travel writing.

It’s not possible to travel to all places. Sometimes, you may be required to write on places which you have never visited. A good travel writer would also be a good reader. You should have a sound geographical knowledge about places. You should read a lot to increase your knowledge bank. For a travel writer, it is important to read and write a lot. In fact, you should always keep a notepad ready to jot down descriptive notes of the places which catch your fancy.

Your blog will not be registered in your own name and address in the World Wide Web with your own blog space. So, your blog is not yours. If the server crashes or if the free service provider decides to close his service, you might lose everything.

Perhaps I should explain that your most recent entry appears on top of your blog, with previous days entries under it. In other words, the last entry is first. When we came home we simply reversed the order so that we are now able to read about our trip starting at day one and going on from there. This is a great way to keep lasting memories of a magic holiday trip.

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