Have You Mastered These 10 Public Speaking Skills?

While mentoring some colleagues to help them overcome their fear of public speaking and to improve their public speaking skills, I noticed a distinct “fear of the flip chart”. What is it and how does one overcome it?

The last relationship idea is extremely important. When you are talking to a person you can tell by body language and facial expression what your message is doing to them emotionally. You may be causing people to be happy, confused, have anger or any other range of emotion. Gauging an audience is the same as reading a single person and essential for effective speaking. By reading your group you can tailor your message even further for that group.

Look for networking events in your community. Don’t expect to be a power networker from the beginning. As they say you can’t expect to run before you can walk. Learn what you can about the organization facilitating the event. What type of people attend the events? Is it purely social in nature or are people expecting to network for business opportunities?

If you need to refer to something that you wrote on a page at a later point in your presentation, rip off the page and ask someone to tape it up on the wall – don’t forget to bring big masking tape for this.

However, when you combine a southern accent and someone who has poor presentaion skills then you have a disaster in the making. Still, it does give comedians something to talk about.

Write notes to yourself, in pencil on the flip chart to help remind yourself of all the important points to be included. I promise your audience won’t see the penciled notes.

Plus, no one can copy you. No one else can tell your stories. Connect with your audience with genuine care and attention to your story. Share stories that will have importance and relevance to the people in the room.

Jot down the things you should correct and then do it again. Each time you are going to get better. So when the public speaking event finally approaches you will have lots of practice and a lot more familiarity.

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