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I will discuss here the ins and outs of building landscape retaining walls of various materials. In many areas a building permit is required for retaining walls so check with your local building department before you start the work. In my Township only walls over 48″ high require a permit but best to check in any case.

Within the pond there will be two kinds of plants: floating and rooted. There are many types of floating plants like water lettuce or water hyacinth. Throw a few into the pond and they pretty much take care of themselves. The biggest problem you will have once they get established is that they will multiply so fast that you will have to remove the excess periodically. The Koi will help with this because they are omnivores and love to eat plants. They are especially fond of water hyacinth. That’s a good thing, too, because the hyacinth is a prolific breeder and can choke out a pond in short order if left unchecked.

Installation of this roof may not require to remove the old one. It depends on your current roof conditions. If it’s smooth and stable, you may go ahead and install torch down roofing. If you are not sure, contact the roofing contractor or some expert.

The best thing about bark that homeowners like is the fact that it eliminates the need for hiring lawn maintenance service providers. Use of the material will Rock Delivery retard the growth of weeds. It will thus eradicate the need for weeding of the areas of your garden where it has been deployed.

Aquarium plants are a Rock Delivery bit like exercising you do not notice any differences until it is not there. They are useful for assisting the water filtration, to enhance the water for the fishes. They have the ability to absorb nitrates. This along with producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide they can be a valuable addition to the tank.

Concrete mix can actually burn your skin if it comes into contact with it, so dress sensibly with long sleeves and long pants and wear gloves as well as strong boots and safety goggles.

If you have done your research, you have read all the recommendations of the pond “experts”: that if you build your pond over 24 inches deep and create hiding places in the rock, your fish will be safe from cranes. WRONG! Before I remodeled my pond, which is five feet deep, I sat in my office and from the window I watched a 5 foot crane land at the pond’s edge. Instantly the koi fish swam to the bottom of the pond for safety.

‘Curing’ simply means the process of concrete drying and hardening. If concrete dries too fast it can crack, so keep your newly-laid concrete covered and moist for at least seven days to cure properly.

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