Free Live Streaming Tv To Your Computer – The Future Is Now

Did you know that you can actually surf the net with an Android TV box? Imagine browsing the Google play store on your large screen HD TV and downloading apps right into it. That’s the kind of convenience offered by these boxes. Not only that, you can check out what your friends are saying/doing on Facebook, you can tweet your thoughts and even check your mail – all these without the help of your computer, Smartphone or tablet! Sounds interesting? Yes, an IPTV box that runs on Android is very interesting and very exciting.

One of the most recent distribution techniques is distributing HD over Ethernet (IP) systems, I am not going to comment much on this technology as I personally have not used or tested it, but I thought that I would mention it. This is going to change the distribution of HD forever as I feel that all the video and audio technologies are moving towards IP based systems.

A recent campaign on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo seeks to provide a co-op for those seeking to break into this new medium. The Multo Media Co-Op has a mission to create a sustainable broadcast business model for independent news and content makers, in an international effort. The campaign is seeking to raise $35,000 by February.

If you would like to have access tv stations from around the world, then tv online is a perfect option for you to consider. You will have access to foreign shows, childrens shows, sports, movies and live events all streamed over the internet to your PC or laptop for free.

There have been so many movies and television shows about people using spy cameras to watch their neighbors that I often wonder if the electrian installed little cameras in our ceiling when he was working there. It would make a good movie. A mad electrician, with a bank of televisions in his basement, all with a different home flashed on the screen. With the development of Click here, it might actually be a feasible scenario. I think I’ll check my ceiling when I finish this article.

The Multo Media Co-Op is the brainchild of Melissa Ulto, a multidisciplinary artist who currently resides in New York, working professionally as a livestreaming expert, web developer, filmmaker, designer, and journalist. She balances art and commerce with social justice; her work on mobile livestreaming and her activist documentary career come together in MULTO: a streaming broadcast programming platform for independent media channels. She has worked on the bleeding edge of video technologies as artist and developer since the mid 90s. Ms. Ulto spoke with me earlier this week to discuss her effort.

This new reality is the same for every company in every industry including cable television, wireless, Internet, television, telephone, business and consumer.

Now, once you know your bandwidth requirements, it is time to talk to the network operator how they can provide that bandwidth in the most cost effective way.

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