Car Battery Myths And Misconceptions

It happens to everyone at some point or time. You go out to your car after work or after school, insert your car key into the ignition and nothing happens. It can make your heart sink into your chest and fill you with panic as you wonder frantically why your car ahs given up you. You probably go through a check list in your head. Did you turn off your head lights or leave them on? Do you have gas? Is your battery dead or is it something worse?

Just imagine how many devices use batteries. Really, there are no limits to a recondition old batteries expert! Everything relies on portable batteries. Automotive, motorcycle, iPods, mp3s, marine, motorized wheelchair, power tool batteries. Do you know how expensive new batteries can be? Just take a look at your neighborhood store or on the internet. The battery IS the most expensive part of a power tool.

Run your car on water kits are easy to install and remove. This process works on gas or diesel engine cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. There is no need for distilled water or special water additives. Your car can run on simple tap water.

There come issues with neon lights. For example, in certain places, authorities do not appreciate your using neon. Therefore, the best way to avoid paying fines is to have a separate switch to light them up. Avoid having the same switch for your headlights and your neon lights. You can so this, by running a power wire from the battery of your car to the operating switch of the kit. This will help you to bypass the wires meant for activating the main lights of your car. If you live in an area where the LED and neon lights are not allowed, then you must avoid using them. There is no point in inviting trouble unnecessarily.

In case you were not aware of the terminology, the head unit is just another name for the stereo itself and is the core part of the entire system. They normally contain a cassette or CD player and installed directly into the dash. Everything else you add on to the system is all connected to the head unit through at least one pair of wires if not more. Think of the head unit as the brain of the system.

Never leave children or pets in parked car without air-conditioning: You should never leave children unattended in a car during any time of year but during an Arizona summer, doing this could result in death due to the extreme heat. A car could easily reach 200 degrees inside and cracking windows doesn’t help. And be sure to report children or pets in hot cars to the police immediately by calling 911.

All batteries are not equal. Any other type has a its own different method of processing. This means that the method for lead-acid batteries do not work on your or AA batteries. Because each type of battery has a slightly different composition of the method for each of them is a bit different.

If you run your car on water, you can easily save $110 per month. Doing the math, that is well over $1000 per year. Comparing a year running on just gas and a year running on water and gas with a conversion kit can be quite a pleasant surprise.

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