Acne Scar – Treatment Options – Tips

Scar tissue can restrict movement in adjacent joints, eventually creating injury to the joint itself. This type of restrictive tissue can become stronger and as non-elastic as connective tissue like tendons and cartilage. After an injury, collagen fibers are laid down in a sporadic and unorganized pattern in order to prevent the recurrence of injury. If you have ever patched a hole in a pair of jeans with the zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine, you know how this works.

Silicone scar sheets are used to prevent scars from forming but can also be used to fade old scars. One side of the sheet is lined with silicone gel and the other side is smooth. These sheets are popular with plastic surgeons and are given to patients to help prevent scars from forming after surgery. They are also effective at removing keloid scars. The sheets help to keep the scar soft and constantly moisturized. Depending on how bad the scar is results can be seen in 4-12 weeks.

The longer the ankle tissue lingers, the more settled it becomes, making the joint stiff and inflexible. So, as soon as you are on the road to recovery (after your 48 hours of RICE) you should begin stretching the area. Yes, rest is important, but ‘rest’ doesn’t mean you have to completely be a loaf for a couple of months until you have not pain at all. Rehabilitation is not easy, but if you take it slowly, it can make a world of difference in your recovery time and the condition of your ankle down the road.

The great thing is that it’s easy to use the silicone sheets. They are laid directly on the top of the scar. They will stick to the skin surface and can be worn under the clothing. They are thin enough and dermarollers barely noticeable.

Treating a child’s scars can be even trickier, especially if the child is very active and prone to reopening wounds. There are some scar removal creams on the market that contain medical strength ingredients to speed up the healing process even more.

Hypertrophic scarring is another variety of scar. These patches have larger than usual fiber cells in their substance. There may be more bulk than expected but the hypertrophic tissue stays within the borders of the wound.

The size and location of the scars will vary but everyone will eventually get cut a little too deep or need a surgery that will result in a scar. Since this is something that just about everyone ends up dealing with to one extent or another it is important to not let it bother you so much. It is simply a part of life. With the right knowledge and attitude about it you will be able to relax and go on with life as though you never received a scar in the first place.

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