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Do you know what caller ID spoofing is? If not you could be the victim of a hoax, a joke or even a crime. Caller ID Spoofing is when someone calls you up and using a caller ID spoof card, tricks your caller ID display into identifying the caller as someone else.

If you have any phone number that is unlisted, or that you cannot find the owner of by simply searching through the phone book, or yellow pages, you should do a reverse phone number search.

If you subscribed to a toll-free number service just for this purpose, and you achieved what you wanted by finding and reporting the individual, then you can discontinue the toll-free service at any time. Most do not require a contract.

The number on your caller ID box can be either from a cell phone or a landline phone. You may not know right away which is which, but you can tell a little about the origin by looking at the first six digits of the number. The first three are the area code, and that is a number you can look up online. That will tell you a state or an area of a state. The prefix, or the next three numbers, are going to tell you city, or part of a city.

How can you obtain caller ID? It’s very simple. Call your phone company and request to have this service added to your phone line. Usually it is a reasonable monthly fee. You will also need a display device in order to see the incoming calls. You can either obtain a phone that has this feature built in, or a separate machine.

The list of acceptable source phone numbers is created with the isdn caller command. Luckily for us, this command allows the use of x to specify a wildcard number. The command isdn caller 555xxxx results in calls being accepted from any 7-digit نمبر بوك number beginning with 555, and rejected in all other cases. We’ll configure R2 to do just that and then send a ping from R1 to R2. To see the results of the Caller ID Screening, debug dialer will be run on R1 before sending the ping. I’ve edited this output, since the output you see here will be repeated fire times – once for each ping packet.

You can perform a reverse phone check from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Most reverse phone check companies allow you to do a free preliminary search to see if the phone number is in their database. If it is in the database you can decide to purchase the identifying information associated with that phone number. It costs just under $15 for a one-time search and just under $40 for a year-long, unlimited search subscription.

Think about this for a minute. It may very well be that the unfamiliar number that keeps popping up over and over and over again on your cell phone’s caller ID is completely innocuous, a telemarketer, or whatever. But isn’t it better to know than not to know? A reverse cell phone lookup service can help you do just that. And it’s well worth the money for the serenity it’s going to give you.

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